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Youth Safety and Wellbeing or Towards a Vibrant Health for our Community

CAT (Create Auroville Togehter) event at Unity Pavilion titled Youth Safety and Wellbeing – Towards a Vibrant Health for our Community!
brought to the gathered 5 presentations, followed by separate conversations.

The topics of presentations were brought by the Sante Team, Morning Star Birth Center, Auroville Peer Education Network with
Sexual Health Basics, by Paula,
Auroville Peer Education Network, by Juan Andrés and Anna
Educational Tools for all by Manoj and Denis
Empowerment Educational Tools , by Kaliananda

Purna Shakti

Tom and Jerry – “Invisble Ink”
part 1:
part 2:
and as the last was
General overview and testimonial, by Alok Pandey.


addition to Sexual Health Basics by Paula

Sexual Health Basics Part 2
Midwife, Sante
You are a sexual being. Your body, puberty changes, gender
identity, the impact of societal gender roles, gender expression,
sexual orientation, and your unique physical characteristics.
You may be a mother or a father and all of us have been born
as part of the sexual nature. Let us look in more detail.
1.Relationships- what is healthy? Being able to truly and
deeply listen to the other person. Also, how to be assertive
when it comes to your own needs.
2. Contemporary issues- 2 issues that present significant sexual
dilemmas are social media/internet and bullying.
3. Responsible Sexual Behavior_ Let’s first understand a broad
definition of abstinence that excludes risky behavior – oral,
anal, and vaginal intercourse – but allows for no- or very low
risk sexual behaviors such as masturbation and nonpenetrative sexual touching. Let’s give honest information
about lovemaking
Within the context of healthy sexual relationships, negating
popular media messages that show sexual behavior unsafe and
often exploitive. What does it mean for a sexual relationship to
be consensual? How do we give and get consent?
4. STDs, Pregnancy and parenting. Let’s get the facts about the
transmission of STDs and about conception, pregnancy and
birth. Let’s discuss the realities of parenting. What are the
options to resolve an unintended pregnancy? What about
contraception and safer sex practices?
And finally, lets tell the truth about ourselves to ourselves.
Only then can we be truthful to another.