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Dragonfly Kiss

Dragonfly Kiss

We stepped out of the house into the alley, our visible breath smudged by the wind tunnel. At the base of the steps she pulled a lighter to the menthol gripped in her mouth. The arctic breeze blew away each flame in birthday fashion, so I cupped my hands around hers and our campfire was born.
With her eyes on mine, she pulled and I said “Have you ever had a dragonfly kiss before?”…

The Approach
The crowd lowers their murmurs to a vacant silence as she makes her way up the aisle. Finally. Slowly. Unsure. She tiptoes toward you, feet pumping ice water, carrying flowers like a sacred torch, her arm wrapped around her father’s as he delivers her to you one last time.
You await with the stillness of a photograph in the best suit you’ve ever worn. Breathless. Feet so cold, they’re frozen……

“Hey stranger” to you too
I’ve been super. Thanks for asking.
Hey, did you know there are 100 billion planets in our galaxy?
That’s 12 digits
That’s one digit for every month since you sent your last beacon.
I remember because it was the first winter I’d woken up to the dawn
Instead of you.

All My Sons

Thie weekend (5th, 6th, 7th) Auroville Theatre Group presents Arturh Miller’s play All My Sons at CRIPA’s garden in Kalabhumi.
The play is Miller’s first great play about family, ethics, money, and love.
Being set at the back of CRIPA, and story is going on at the backyard of family’s house in Ohio, to audience brings a certain intimacy , closeness to the family, and involvement to the story.
Despite that is set in years after War II , play does draw the parallel on what is going on at the moment on the planet, and we can easily translate it in every day situations, where the question of responsibility of conscious choice play a vital role.
Amazing acting of Swar, Jill, Shilpi, Vinu Karthick, Nishant Saini, Ahmed, Myrta, Manjula Selvam, Satyendra Kumar, Satish T; under the direction of Jill.
All the actors, regardless being old “cats” or new ones, proved their acting maturity.

Mother's Q&A – June 20, 1956

Mother’s Questions And Answers, June 20, 1956

Mother speaks on many different subjects, including love, joy, pleasure, inner delight,and the mixture of the vital impulse and pure emotion in the heart. She answers many questions asked directly in the class and also written on pieces of paper and read out to her.

B's Experience on The Sunlit Path

CIRHU started “Aurovillian Conversations”, a series of weekly reflections between students, volunteers, newcomers and interested people with Aurovillians and friends of Auroville with experience in specific fields of knowledge.
This week the Aurovillian pioneer “B” was invited to share his experiences and reflections on “The Sunlit Path”. He also very interestingly referred to the modern day spiritual classic “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle as being a guide for the Sunlit Path, and of course as well as the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, which have been B’s main source of inspiration.
Listen in to the many beautiful reflections which were shared during this conversation at Bhavishyate on the evening of the 16th March 2017.

Lovers Rock 1

Lovers rock is a style of reggae music noted for its romantic sound and content. While love songs had been an important part of reggae since the late 1960s, the style was given a greater focus and a name in London in the mid-1970s.[1] Despite the name, lovers rock is not a rock subgenre or related to it.

Garnett Silk- Oh Me Oh My- Love Bump Riddim
Beres Hammond – Smile For Me
Gregory Isaacs – Cool Down The Pace
Freddie McGregor- Stop Loving You- Far East Riddim
Jackie Robinson – Have A Little Faith
Janet Kay Carrol Thompson & Louisa Marks
Bob Marley ft Lauryn Hill – Turn your lights down low.
Cocoa Tea & Cutty Ranks – Waiting In Vain
Ce’cile Promise – relationship
Freddie McGregor- Stop Loving You
Buju Banton & Wayne Wonder – I Don’t Know Why
Pinchers – Never Hurt Her
Queen Ifrica -When Love Comes Knocking
Frankie Paul You are my everything.
Sanchez – I’m Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
Maxi Priest – Believe In Love
Lukie D wanting you more
Alaine-Love…Loud & Clear (Relationship Riddim)
Romain Virgo – Stay With Me
Wyre featuring Alaine – Nakupenda Pia

Ilhaam Project

ILHAAM is a fruit of an improbable encounter of an Israeli & Franco Lebanese. This meeting happened on a travelling circus for peace between Israel & Palestine. They combine world/pop/soul from their own kind with quantum electronics. The distinctive voice of Nina & the musicality of her partner Omri (multi-instrumentalist, beatbox, voice) create a sound that inspire us to dream & revolutionize our listening habits.

Sound produced and recorded by Joel

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Feb 2017

Aster shares memories of Mother

Ever wondered how it was be with The Mother, live in the ashram, under her watchful gaze and access to her unlimited supply of love and wisdom. As a rare treat, students from California Institute of Integral Studies got a chance to listen to the intimate sharing of Aster about her childhood in the ashram and with the mother. Aster is our connection to The Mother as she was brought up in the world practically holding The Mothers fingers. Daughter to great Psychologists parents, Mother had special plans for her and like a innocent child, all Aster had to do was believe and follow on Mothers chosen path for her. She shares great insights about the working and the atmosphere of the ashram, how the 1st school in the ashram started with 12 children and what was the premise of education in the ashram. It was truly a magical time and great beings came to pass from the ashram, living and learning with Sri Aurobindo and The mother. Aster does her best to summarize and relive memories which are most cherished and unique in nature. To live and grow up in The Mother’s grace, a boon offered to few in life.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Jan 2017

In Gratitude

Musical edition of contemporary and new age pieces; expressing gratitude, grace and light.


Lisa Downing – The Dragon Within
Rebekah Eden – Light Of Destiny
Seay – In the Garden
Joe Heinemann – Sea Dream – Away
Steve Rivera – Dividing The Darkness – So Quickly Gone with Will Ackerman
boomer Mosby – Star Song
Tom Eaton – Introvertical Snip
KevOz – Antarctic Lullaby
Barbara Hills – In the Shadows of Roasting Spring
Joanne Lazzaro – Evening Star Song
Bob Ardern – Zephyr
Bill Leslie – Grace Of The Wild
Scott Cossu – Shepherd’s Song
Candice Night – Misty Blue
Todd boomer Mosby – Eagle Mountain

Blues Love

Sunday kinda thing … reflecting back
memories, love stories
kisses, joy
grace and thanks
……………………………………. music stays

Buddy Guy – Stay Around A Little Longer ft. B.B. King
Keb’ Mo’ – Love Blues
Margie Hendrix – A Lover’s Blues
Roy Buchanan – The Blues Lover
Mike Bloomfield, John Paul Hammond, Dr. John – Pretty Thing
Mojo Blues Band – Sleepless
Fleetwood Mac – I Loved Another Woman
Gary Clark Jr. – Our Love
Dave Peverett, Harvey Brooks, Mo Potts, Rod Pricel – Love that Burns.
B.B. King – Darling You Know I Love You
Muddy Waters – You Shook Me
John Lee Hooker – Bonnie Raitt. I’m In The Mood
Steve Gornall – Lovers Blues
Chris Rea & Vargas Blues Band – Do You Believe In Love

Over The Sun 5

Over The Sun
How the White Lions Saved the World
(A Book For Children Of All Ages!)
Cedona Holly

Cedona Holly was inspired to write this book after her visit to South Africa in 2004. Linda Tucker’s book “Mystery of the White Lions” filled her with the desire to help them. She hopes the children of the world can help these noble and sacred creatures find their way back to the wilds of Timbavati.

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