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22 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: NimoLanguage: English

Kindness, Gratitude and Love Concert with Nimo

On the stormy Sunday night of 21 October 2018, at the Unity Pavilion, families happily came out to unite in the spirit of Auroville through song, stories and moments of gratefulness. Nimo treated the crowd to a new genre of hip hop music engaging everyone to join in singing, sharing stories and acts of kindness. Thanks to Aurovilians, Deven and Shaalini, for inviting and hosting Nimo and Sheetal and Khushmita, newcomers, who are also Nimo’s friends, hearts were warmed and memories of kindness and gratitude illuminated.

Reminded of the seed planting of early Auroville, Nimo planted seeds of goodness, joy and humbleness singing with the children and their families.

“We come to this world empty handed and we leave empty handed. Then how really are we going to be using the time while we are here?” ~ Nimo, Empty Hands Music