Photographer:Mother's design | Mother's symbol
23 Nov / 2012Program by:
Language: English


As the year’s end draws closer, closer and closer, Luigi in a short interview offers information on an event coming on 12-12-12… this 12-12-12 event will explore a 3-fold manifestation at the individual, collective and universal level. This auspicious number 12 is the symbol of manifestation. From the 12 qualities of the Mother’ssymbol, today’s quality upon which to concentrate is ASPIRATION; for those unacquainted with the ‘Intention’ concept, since last week, each day one of the 12 qualities are kept in mind in an attempt to embody.

No criticism at all don’t see what shouldn’t be see only what should be…never judge on appearances, still less on gossip…..excerpted from Mother’s Agenda