Photographer:Marlenka | Mala Landt
05 Oct / 2012Program by:
Featured: Marlenka & MalaLanguage: English

A Human Right: A Gentle Birth

At 4:30 today Cinema Paradiso shows Mala Landt’s film ‘Guerrilla Midwife’ which is a documentary about Ibu Robin Lims life as a fierce advocate for gentle birth as a human right; she points out that the innate capacity of human beings to love is so very programmed by the birth experience., that gentle birth brings peace and traumatic birth brings war. Listen now to an interview with Mala as she speaks fervently this topic.

…this fromMother’s Agenda, 7 Aug.1963: It would be better to remain quiet, take things as they are and let the Lord do His work without pushing Him all the time like that. I always feel that all our misfortunes are attracted by our impatience or discontent. If we were blissfully content and let things follow their course: “When You, Lord, will it, it will be, that’s all. I am an idiot, I remain an idiot,
until You will it to change …”