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05 Feb / 2021Program by:

Aarohan – ep.17 “Portrait of a Young Genius: Bhimsen Joshi”

Portrait of a Young Genius 

Commemorating Bhimsen Joshi Centenary Year 

Raga Lalit 

Ustad Abdul Karim Khan Thumri

Raga Hemavati

Kannada Song

Raga Malkauns

Song from film Pati Vrata

Thumri in Raga Jogiya 



  • Hemant

    Excellent old collection

  • Anant

    Enjoyed this week’s program. Very informative and with great musical content.

    Some of the old recordings were fabulous and give us a glimpse of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi’s genius. It is a testament to the quality of music and musicians that existed in this bygone era.

    Thank you for taking the efforts to put this together. Eagerly awaiting the next segment of this series.

    On a separate note, if possible, could you also share the names of some of the accompaniment (if this data is available)?

    As an example, the Saarangi accompaniment to Panditji’s raaga Lalit rendition was simply unbelievable. The musician followed every note in precision and pace, and to do that with Panditji is a feat in itself !!

  • Sanjay Vani

    Many thanks for sharing this treasure with us! We are indeed grateful to you.
    Also, masterful presentation by Yoginiji – reminds me of 80’s TV newsreader presenters!
    Best wishes