Photographer:Marlenka | Luigi and B
16 Jul / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Agreement-Difference in Dialogue

Today’s news features B and Luigi in the first in of a series of dialogues inspired from an interview with B on 26 June. These dialogues will continue on a weekly basis for some time, touching on profound areas from religion, spirituality, Integral Yoga, ranging to town planning, the environment, living and working together in Auroville and more. ‘Art On Sunday’ in Petit Ferme, a place where Aurovilians, guests, artists and art lovers can meet, see art and talk about art. Opening Sunday July 22 ‘Otherness’ by Adil Writer.

From the Mother’s Agenda: Yoga is not a thing of ideas but of inner spiritual experience. Merely to be attracted to any set of religious or spiritual ideas does not bring with it any realisation. Yoga means a change of consciousness; a mere mental activity will not bring a change of consciousness, it can only bring a change of mind. And if your mind is sufficiently mobile, it will go on changing from one thing to another till the end without arriving at any sure way or any spiritual harbour. The mind can think and doubt and question and accept and withdraw its acceptance, make formations and unmake them, pass decisions and revoke them, judging always on the surface and by surface indications and therefore never coming to any deep and firm experience of Truth, but by itself it can do no more. There are only three ways by which it can make itself a channel or instrument of Truth. Either it must fall silent in the Self and give room for a wider and greater consciousness; or it must make itself passive to an inner Light and allow that Light to use it as a means of expression; or else, it must itself change from the questioning intellectual superficial mind it now is to an intuitive intelligence, a mind of vision fit for the direct perception of the divine Truth. If you want to do anything in the path of yoga, you must fix once for all what way you mean to follow. It is no use setting your face towards the future and then always looking back towards the past; in this way you will arrive nowhere. If you are tied to your past, return to it and follow the way you then choose; but if you choose this way instead, you must give yourself to it single-mindedly and not look back at every moment.