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03 Mar / 2011Program by:

Aligning One`s Soul…

In an interesting and thorough presentation by Wolfgang we heard about the tools of Hladina method to discover layers of the heart in order to Align one’s soul with the soul of the nation. Layers of the heart is process which leads to effective body-anchored spiritual revelations, which gives direct body sensation and internal vision of personal-emotional heart center, the psychic being and the transpersonal Divine or "the vastness”(experienced behind the physical heart). Wolfgang on the holistic way explained the evolution of the humankind, and evolution of consciousness with it from the mineral to the man. After he continued by evolution of nations from physical body, trough vital to mental, in order to develop awakening to psychic being or supra-national unions, a real human unity. Presentation was followed by three days workshop Aligning One’s Soul with the Soul of your Nation, in order to help fostering development of pavilions at International Zone.