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Category Archives: Culture

Beloved India

Vibrant, lively Aparajita Barai has stopped at our radio this morning bringing news on inauguration of her first solo exhibition tomorrow, Thursday 17that 5pm at Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, and her interesting workshop next week. One - title of the exhibition derives from the note that everything is ONE...we are one, god and goddesses are one... Aparajita is searching through symbolism of spiritually and mythology because she has realized that all the symbols became in India very ritualistic, and people stopped questioning themselves what do they mean. This way Aparajita will try to demystify Indian deities. Beloved India (  is a brand coming from Aparjita's studying business plan some years back while she realized that being a designer and creating a design is a process of solving a problem. As she sees it India has many problems, and out of commercial business she would like to continue with social projects.

Comments: 0 Date: 16 Dec 2015

Saraswathi Puja Celebration- Abri

Abri services (Water. Electrical, Solar and more) celebrate Saraswati Puja- you can hear the joyous atmosphere and Ponnuswami and Ramakrishna share auspicious timings and other significances on this event.

Art, Auroville and Storytelling

Suresh Jayaram is an artist, art historian, arts administrator and curator from Bangalore. He is the Founder and Director of Visual Art Collective 1shantiRoad, an international artist’s residency and alternative art space in Bangalore, India. He is also involved in urban mapping and cultural documentation of Bangalore and his column 'What You See When You See' seeks to tell local stories. He is an active participant of the Auroville Film Festival and is leading the Panel Discussions. He talks to us about art, history and Auroville and gives key advice on how to make culture accessible in a constantly changing context. You can learn more about his cutting edge space over here:

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Oct 2015

AVArtService and Artists Meeting

An informal sharing and de-briefing between AurovilleArt Service and some of the artists that participated in the Chennai Festival. What worked or didn't and possible next steps forward. The artists overall where grateful and happy from the experience, they enjoyed discovering the different work, each other and to collaborate.
AurovilleArtService will send out a questionnaire to the artists, and will create a virtual gallery of the Lalit Kala Akademi show. According to the interest and motivation of the artists with the service future projects will be taken up.

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Apr 2015

In and around Auroville

Auroville belongs to Auroville and no one else.
People who make this place worth it, not only for themselves but also for people who visit Auroville everyday.
Here 3 shorts interviews with Kripa, Margaret and Uma.
Rj Mantra (a 5 times best RJ of India winner by RAPA and PROMAX Awards), speaks to people in Auroville and finds out what makes this place tick.

Garba Celebrations in Auroville

Garba is a dance form originated in Gujarat, performed during Navratri – a 9-day festival of Goddess Durga. It is also known as Garbi, Garbha or Garbha Deep. In ‘Garbha Deep’, the word ‘Garbha’ is a Sanskrit term, which means womb and ‘Deep’ means little earthen lamps. Garba is usually performed in a circle around a big lamp or the statue of Goddess Shakti.

The Garba Dance Festival was celebrated amidst much colour and music at SAWCHU, Bharat Nivas between the 14th and 18th of October. Here we talk to the organizers Shilpa, Falguni and Rakhee about the festival in an Auroville context.

Aloe’s photographs in Pitanga

Aloe is 15 years old and has a photographic exhibition at Pitanga Gallery, Listen to Aloe speak of her trip to South America and her photographic work, and the impressions of Luca and Eden.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Aug 2015

Vinu Karthick – Actor

Vinu Karthick is a talented actor who studied in Chennai. In this program Vinu discusses the impact Andrea Tazzari (Auroville Radio) and Jill Navarre (Theatre Centre) have had on his life and his career. An interview with Director Jill Navarre follows in which she discusses the essential characteristics of an actor and how Vinu shines in a variety of demanding theatre roles. He can be seen on stage in the upcoming role of Tom in Tennessee William's The Glass Menagerie (Dec. 2015)

Philippe Borrel temoigne

Philippe Borrel est un realisateur de documentaires. Ses sujets explorent les contradictions de la societe, explorent les solutions qui existent deja partout dans le monde. Il est venu presenter son dernier opus " l'urgence de ralentir " dans le cadre du Festival du Film d'Auroville ou il a obtenu le Cinema Paradiso Award. Il nous parle ici de ses impressions de voyage en Inde et de son sejour a Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Oct 2015

Firewalk at Sanjeevinagar on 8th

Balu from Mohanam Foundation talks about the rapport the Centre has with the villages around Auroville and invites all, especially the youngsters within Auroville to witness the grand "Firewalk" ceremony with which the week long celebrations at the Draupadi Amman temple will come to a close on this Monday, the 8th of June.
So march off to Sanjeevinagar around 7 pm on the 8th and get awed.

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Jun 2015
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