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Newly opened wing of AVDZINES

The working unit of Auroville Design Services (AVDZINES) was inaugurated on the 24th of November, Tuesday at 4 pm at the Mangalam campus (between Wellpaper & Bamboo research centre).
The Executive head of AVDZINES - Guna and the Architect of the new wing - Ganesh were found continuously occupied making arrangements for the inauguration at the campus. Many Aurovillians and other Architecture enthusiasts showed their presence sensing every bit of the building.
Guna said, "This is the first phase of the working unit constructed in a year from May 2014 to June 2015."
He also mentioned that the current Graphics section at the Multimedia centre would continue to function, on an office basis.

Listen to Guna who gives more details about the new wing.

AVFF Panel discussion Mon 5th Oct

The Auroville Film Festival roundtable panel discussion of 5th Oct. - day 4 From AurovilleFilmFestival Facebook page: Round Table Discussion on Human Unity Sasikant and Suresh was joined by Kavitha and Marco (Artistic Director) and the roundtable started by discussing the film Girl Rising. Kavitha said that one reason she liked the film was because they used local village and city girls and paired them with local women journalist to capture their authentic voice and stories. The film depicts a number of women from the South/under developed countries and tells their stories. However the movie also supplies UN and other development data that highlights how we could quickly transform the South (and North-rich countries) by placing policy, money and infrastructure to assist women/girls. This path to development is faster and pragmatic, unlike the mythical ‘trickle down effect’ (putting most of the resources into the rich who will supposedly create weath for all via their investment – a Reagan and Thatcher – mythology that is still pursued today) The panel and the audience also discussed The Sower… More:

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Oct 2015

Auroville Film Festival 2015

Yes, it is on! Official opening  of Auroville Film Festival 2015 just finished at Town Hall on Plazza, actually was interrupted with rain. But we managed to hear all the details about next five days from Marco and Tlaloc, we heard about four categories the films are in, and the venue of screening from 9.30am til late night.  Other details where shared with Sasi,  and Kaerdwyn invited us to participate in the socializing part of the festival - music and  food. Short Rwandan song and dance has started the opening with great anticipation form the audience, Sadhana Forest contributed  drummers on recycled drums, and  children from Yatra were eager to share with us a short story, comedy about their lives which was interrupted by the shower. AVFF15 is indeed a community event by the community for the community, and next five days will be full of festive spirit with excellent and interesting movies, some good music, and food affordable to all.

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Oct 2015

Who walk? What flies? Kabir Fest

Who walks? What flies? it's a collective exhibition about the Kabir poetry in Kala Kendra by 5 artists. They speak about their works in the interview, in chronological order: Audrey Wallace, Srivi Kalyan: drawings art works by the children of Udavi School; Orijit Sen, graphic designer from Delhi: Hair burn like a grass; Srivi presents her sister Sandhiya Kalyan's mix-media installation; Audrey Wallace Taylor: Rajasthan Kabir Yatra drawings series; Sandhya Gopinath: Maya's painting series; Srivi Kalyan: Playing with Kabir mix media installation.

The artist Sandhiya Kalyan was not present because traveling in the U.S.A. Audrey Wallace Taylor: Rajasthan Kabir Yatra drawings series was made in real time with the various musics of kabir Festival she followed in Rajastan, an operation which involve the all body. She worked after with the children of Udavi School let them to apply the same method of drawing with music. Here some internet contacts about the artists and the exhibition: - - - - - - - - -

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Apr 2012

Mime Festival -Miming for Masters

This morning, despite the heavy rain and winds Drupad has visited us in our studio to share with us some thoughts on coming Mime Festival
MIMING FOR THE MASTERS - in AUROVILLE from the 12th to the 24th of November.... which, according to Drupad, will be just a beginning.

This festival is an International Mime Festival taking place for the first time within various
mime groups worldwide and within a few states in India. It is a festival in which Mimes and lovers of The Silent Art Form gather together the world over to honour THE MASTERS OF MIME - living and bygone. Conceptualised in Auroville, it is organised by the Bharatiya Mookabhinaya Natya Mahasangha (Indian Mime Federation) in association with various worldwide Mime Associations and Festival Committees. Auroville shall be the Administrative Centre of this Worldwide event.
From the 21st to the 24th the festival in Auroville shall be graced by the Padma Shri Awardee Shri Niranjan Goswami who is the Director of Indian Mime Theatre - Kolkata and also the President of Indian Mime Federation.
Miming for the Masters in Auroville includes:
Recording of Multiple One Minute Mime Videos.
24hr Non - Stop Mime Performance starting from the 17th of November - 6 pm until the 18th of November - 6 pm.
Workshops conducted by 7 Professional Mime Artists during the 12 day Mime Festival.
Living Statue Story performed and recorded on the 21st of November.
Video conference with a Few Masters of Mime.
Three Mime shows on the 21st, 22nd and the 23rd of November.
Information about the evolution of the idea of the festival, the Festival itinerary, Locations of Venues, Pre - Festival open house in Auroville and other details will be posted in the festival page of the website on the 7th of November (This Saturday). You can find this information on the same day on its social networking page Those who wish to be part of this event or would like to know more about it please contact Drupad on +91 9626561256 or send an
email to

AVFF 2015: And the Winner is….

As the 2015 Auroville Film Festival drew to a close, Svaram drummers Marco and Tlaloc performed for the crowd and, with the help of jurors, gave the prizes in all four categories. The Drupad mime act kept the crowd entertained during the intermission, and the evening ended with the Tamil play of Yatra students which was interrupted by rain at the opening ceremony last Friday. Creativity and passion for film and other art forms in the community is growing, as proven by the excellent films submitted by and about Aurovillians, and especially those created by students. Every festival gets better and better as the quality of the movies reaches new highs. We enjoyed five days of interesting, funny and thought-provoking films, discussions on the theme of human unity. We have socialized, listened to brilliant music performances, and feasted on some good food. Thanks to Auroville Film Festival organizers, and all the volunteers!

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Oct 2015

AVFF15 Almost Here!

Marco and Tlaloc has stopped at our studio this morning and shared with us some details on already 4th Aurovile Film Festival which will start next Friday, 2nd at 5pm at Plazza in Town Hall. Festival itself is not only growing in numbers of films in all four categories but also in number of events which accompany it. So, again we can expect a real festival spirit for five days from next Friday onward... with some surprises on the way….

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Sep 2015

AVFF Panel Discussions Wed. 7 Oct.

Auroville Film Festival Roundtable panel discussion from day six, Wednesday Oct 7.

Comments: 1 Date: 08 Oct 2015

Contributing to Human Unity AVFF, 3 Oct, Panel talks, Day 1

Contributing to Human Unity is the theme and of the Auroville Film Festival 2015 and every day there are moderated discussions, or round tables, discussing the films that are being screened in the category of films that develop the theme of human unity. These will happen every day at the SAIIER Conference Room between 2.30 to 3.30pm, from 3rd to 7th of October. This year Sasi, along with Suresh Jayaram, will be leading those discussions. The following is the recording of today's round-table panel discussion where Phillipe Borrel, Mr. Ramanam, and Doris joined Sasi, and Suresh.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Oct 2015

Andrea and Renu on fund raising

Andrea and Renu discuss the September month long fund raising drive. The present situation of the radio and our hope that this drive will help us achieve the basic expenses to sustain the radio for the year as well as to work towards our future project of creating an Art and Science of Communication school. Thanks to Auroville youth and musician Vania for the radio jingle. Its much appreciated!

Comments: 0 Date: 01 Sep 2014