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05 Dec / 2011Program by:
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AurovilleRadio`s 7th Birthday

5 December 2011, significant for AurovilleRadio: it’s our 7th birthday. Hear Andrea, AurovilleRadio’s founder. Also today: the anniversary of the passing of Sri Aurobindo the great avatar, who has given more than can be told. Road construction: Bharat Nivas gate to existent paved road built by Martanda some 4 years ago, promised completion for the 2012 Marathon. Housing news: Line of Force Housing Project has conditional site permission for a first phase for 75 residents and, Kalpana Housing Project, a phased development of 64 apartments.

— From Sri Aurobindo: ‘They explained the evil in the world by saying that Satan had prevailed against God; but I think more proudly of my Beloved…I believe that nothing is done but by His will in heaven or hell, on earth or on the waters.’ Mother’s commentary: In the Supreme, opposites are reconciled and complement each other. It is division in the manifestation which has made them into opposites; but once one’s consciousness is united to the Divne Consciousness, opposition disappears.