Photographer:Marlenka | Abha, founder of Shraddanjali Photographer:Marlenka | Composing Photographer:Marlenka | Materials in process Photographer:Marlenka | Arrangement in Shraddanjali's office Photographer:Marlenka | Necklaces and pendants Photographer:Marlenka | Bracelets made of seeds Photographer:Marlenka | Pressing leaves
21 Mar / 2011Program by:

Awareness, concern and Love

Found in the forests of Auroville are the basis of the products created at Shraddanjali: flowers, leaves, seeds and seedpods. And love and appreciation for the treasures of Nature. Abha, creatrix of Shraddanjali, puts it this way: to showcase the marvelous miracles of Nature so that viewers get a different perspective, an awareness and concern for this planet is the idea, more than selling… she says that’s the tiny attempt they do in their work at Shraddanjali. Those who work with her also share and foster the ideal for a win-win situation: that businesses and education on a world level will aspire to make a paradigm change, in recognizing the simplicity and beauty of Nature.

She does not know how many might be touched but her hope is that the products, the materials used in those products, will in fact touch people to a finer awareness, because she herself and those who work with her are touched. That people would look, just look and say “Ah yes, in Auroville they are trying interesting things!” Especially in the Bijou line (jewelry made of seeds and seedpods.) Unlike the majority of businesses, Abha feels that the products of Auroville are ambassadors; there’s not a need to always buy, but to be truly looked at.Shraddanjali’s atmosphere is lovely; there’s no sense of rush and push but rather one of serenity and beauty. Seated throughout are groups of women sitting together pressing flowers or stringing seed beads or composing designs for cards, stationery, place-mats, lampshades, window coverings, etc. Creativity is in the air.