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Photographer:Aparna | Sarah and Rishi Photographer:Aparna | Cutting away Photographer:Aparna | workshop in progress Photographer:Aparna | banana stem Photographer:Aparna | Srah and Rishi Photographer:Aparna | Sarah Photographer:Aparna | Recipe Booklet

Banana Stem Workshop at Solitude

Program by :

“There is no special season for Banana stem. They are available throughout the year., says Sarah.
Solitude Farm is conducting a workshop on Banana Stem. It is open to all who wants to learn to cook new dishes. You can also stroll around the farm where all the food on your plate in the Solitude Cafe comes from.
Listen to Sarah and Rishi as they share details about this workshop and of upcoming Summer workshops.
You can complete the trip with a delicious lunch at the Cafe.

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09 Jun / 2015

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Sarah and Rishi
Cutting away
workshop in progress
banana stem
Srah and Rishi
Recipe Booklet