Photographer:Andi | Brushstrokes Exhibition by Marlenka Photographer:Andi | Marlenka Photographer:Andi | Brushstrokes Exhibition by Marlenka
01 Oct / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Brushstrokes, Peace and Healing

In today’s news featured Marlenka on her Brushstrokes Exhibition at Pitanga, extended until 25th of Ocotober. Collective Priorities & Values Meeting Postponed due to the intense demands of preparations for Miraculous Productions’ upcoming play: High Heels in the Old Town Tonight, starring the kids of Auroville shown at 8pm, Saturday October 6 in the Visitors’ Centre; and next Collective P & V Meeting has been postponed until further notice. Weekly meditation for Healing and Peace starting on 4th at the Unity Pavilion in International Zone

The ego thinks of what it wants and has not. That is its constant preoccupation. The soul is aware of what is receiving and lives in endless gratitude. The Mother