Photographer:Andrea | Smiling at at the arrival Photographer:Andrea | Sonali from Chandigarh Photographer:Andrea | Long time Aurovilians enjoyed the marathon like first time guest. Photographer:Andrea | Scratching the doctors had treated. Not major injures happen said Dr. Ashok from PIMS. Photographer:Andrea | 2 Km for Arun Kumar and Kishor. Photographer:Andrea | Andy embraced at the arrival by her wife Gaby. Photographer:Matthias | Kabir Satsang event in SAWCHU
13 Feb / 2011Program by:

Cheering Up

" Running a marathon is a dream: It is intense, it is arduous, it is challenging both physically and mentally and it demands all of you – commitment, endurance, persistence, focus.” This is what you can read in the website of the Auroville Marathon ( What is missing in this sentence is the pleasure the runners have. In the interview recorded at the arrival, we have heard a lot of appreciation for the beauty of the trail, the warm and familiar atmosphere and the good organization. Some athletes just make it short. Awesome.

From first time runners to long time athletes it seems everybody had fun. The event was organized by Chandresh Patel with the help of a lot of volunteers. Many runners were already inquiring for the Marathon 2012. Relax…


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