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13 Feb / 2010Program by:

Classical and Tango Recital

For the second time, international players duo Anna Adamik on piano, and Martin Merker on cello offered a Classical and Tango Music Recital to Auroville. After Pitanga the 9th of February, they performed at Shanta and Heinrich’s Salle Auropax,in Auromodele on February the 13th. The audience traveled from Vienna (Beethoven), to Buenos Aires (Bragato, Piazzolla) and Rio de Janeiro during the ‘more’ (Mignone). Miss Adamik started with a piano solo, and Mr Merker came along later. See read more for full program.

===== Anna:

Piano Sonata No.14 “Quasi una fantasia”, Op.27, No.2, also known as “Moonlight Sonata”‘(Beethoven – 1801)

===== Anna and Markus:

2 Tango Nuevo (Jos Bragato, cellist of Astor Piazzolla – 1980s)
* Milontan
* Graciela y Buenos Aires

Sonata No.5 in D-Major (Beethoven – 1815)
* Mvt 1 Allegro con Brio
* Mvt 2 Adagio con Molto
* Mvt 3 Sentimento d’Affetto – Allegro

Le Grand Tango (Piazzolla – 1980s) originally composed for Rostropovitch

===== More – Anna and Markus:

Brazilian modinha, ‘love song’ (Francisco Mignone)