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10 Jul / 2015Program by:
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Coming of Age- Auroville rises

Auroville is seeing a change that it has seldom see a younger generation of Aurovillean demanding accountability and participation in the running of Auroville. With over 39 per cent of Auroville’s population under 35, this city of dawn is seeing a silent but steady transition taking place where the old guard bows out and the younger generation takes over. The recent Retreat and the formation of the Youth Link has spurred this change much more than ever. Kunal Purohit finds out how Auroville finds itself anxious and excited at the possibilities that it stands at the cusp of.


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  • b.mohanty

    brilliant, IDEA, if only ideas could make you take some responsibility and and make things better, try EDUCATION in AV which has gone the way of the ACADEMIA , for students who want to continue, outside, COMPROMISED ALL THAT MOTHER TRIED THROUGH TANMAYA , NORMAN DOWSETT, MADHAV PANDIT, JEAN YVES has been crying for this since years ..WHITHER AUROVILLE…maybe not pertinent since am only a bystander since most of you were born ..0one of its founding father’s if you consider we the foundation laying people as such, sad to see this happenning..good luck if you have any CONSTRUCTIVE IDEAS….


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