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09 Nov / 2011Program by:
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Consensus Builds Harmony, Unity

Announcements in today’s news. Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s knowledge of significance of numbers: Friday it will be 11-11-11 followed by 20-11-2011… to meditate on the idea of oneness on these dates. A documentary on Auroville artists, their art, being made by AVRadio and Hans. Residents’ Assembly Service presents an update, emphasis on attendance in gemeral meetings, on consensus as a tool. Bamboo Centre offers service and items custom designed.

…even those who believe in a spiritual approach through inner experience, if it is exclusiveit is fatal…..bcause it shows only one aspect, one truth of the whole, not the whole…..while I was totally immersed in the supreme realization, it was indisputable that the outer, illusory was just as true as that one…..we, we are being used so that we can participate in the manifesation of that, of that which is still inconceivable, because it is not yet there…it is yet to come…’ – excerpted from the Mothers comments on Sri Aurobindos Thoughts and Aphorisms