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22 Apr / 2011Program by:
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Creativity: One Aura One Meal

An extract from an interview with B is featured in today’s news; B talks about the concept of replacing money with a symbol, a token; he has named it the ‘Aura’ and in its symbology it will also act as a reminder of why Aurovilians have come to this City the Earth Needs, as we hold and touch and exchange it for goods required, of the ideals of Auroville. The interview in its entirety can be heard next week. Today is Earth Day! The parade started at 10 a.m. passing through Mahakali Park, entering Town Hall raising a ruckus as a wake-up call for awareness of Mother Earth. Also featured is Mahakali Park in Auroville and like Auroville it belongs to nobody in particular; Nikolai, who brainstormed the concept of the park, says that all are its stewards; so let each one respect her, enjoy her and protect her. As well, a notice for the new book ‘The Integral Human Existence in the Words of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’ to be released by author Dr. Karan Singh on Monday at 10 a.m.

Plan not with thy intellect; let thy divine sight arrange they plans for thee. When a means comes to thee as the thing to be done, make that thy aim; as for the end, it is, in the world, accomplishing itself and, in thy soul, already accomplished. From Thoughts and Aphorisms, Sri Aurobindo