Photographer:Tahereh | David
04 Feb / 2013Program by:
Language: English


Recently published video Crownways in which they have tried to catch up the idea of dreamcatcher from 2007 on crown road, when money was donated to build it. As David explains this video is there to see the richness of ideas if one goes to collaborative process; the video is there for archive purposes. The idea to start developing the area from Solar Kitchen towards Central Guest house was never set to be a finish product, it was mere an alternative in supposed collaborative processes when it comes to the town planning.

link: Video Created by: Doris and Francis Back in 2007 dreamcatchers made an attempt to express the possibilities and benefits of Auroville embracing a collective process. This Crownways proposal suggested the development of a denser, more pedestrian-friendly, urban environment through an exploration of the subtle qualities of the Galaxy model. Although at the time this approach was officially rejected, since the topic of Crownways has re-emerged regularly over the last few weeks through the dialogues between Luigi and B, many people who never had the chance to see it have been asking for us to present it again. Whilst thinking about the best way to do this, and whilst wanting to find a way to archive it for posterity, it was felt that a film up-loaded onto AurovilleRadioTV would achieve this, whilst also enabling anyone to watch it at a time of their choosing. Doris and Francis then graciously offered their energy and expertise and the result of their efforts is now available for your collective perusal The Dreamcatchers