Photographer:Marlenka | Susmita
10 Apr / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Cycle Path Accessibility

Hear an interview with Susmita for accessibility on Aurovilles cycle paths. Eco-Film Fest begins 16 April – 22nd offering ecological and environmental films. Auroville: a multi-cultural knowledge society full of human capital and opportunities. Farm Group International Advisory Counicil creates a 5-year plan to potential funders abroad. The IAC will network and support links with UNESCO and International Foundations to support Arts in Auroville. Overheard in Auroville: Engage your heart and your brain before engaging your mouth

Excerpt from Mothers Agenda: There is a period when you are in suspense: no longer this, not yet that, just in between. It’s a difficult period when you have to be very quiet, very patient, and above all above all never afraid or irritated or impatient, because that’s catastrophic. And the difficulty is that from all quarters and without let up come all the idiotic suggestions of ordinary thinking: age, deterioration, the possibility of death, the constant threat of illness, of the slightest thing… it comes all the time, all the time, all the time; one has to remain very quiet and not to listen, but remain preoccupied only with maintaining a harmonious state.

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