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02 Apr / 2011Program by:
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Dispelling Myths

A peaceful gathering with a silent mediation was held at Visitors’ Center on Saturday; it continued with some facts about the Indian culture, about safety in the world and in the Auroville bio-region. Auroville Health Service shared about the history of Womens’ Safety Task Force, and why it needed to be established in the first place. The movement ‘Taking Back the Night’ started over thirty years ago to help, mostly women, overcome the escalating violence in the urban area. At present, when almost everything we thought we knew is changing with the speed of light, the pressure on humanity is tremendous. With ignorance fear comes along, and to that we all react in different ways. Expansion of the media, and its availability, with its constant flow of what humans think, serves to increase the fear as well, and out of that many respond with violence.