Photographer:Andrea | From left: Elvira, Abha, Luigi, Nicole and Sauro
04 Feb / 2013Program by:
Language: English

Dissolving Polarities #16

One more energetic morning session focused on dissolving polarities with Elvira and Luigi – this time without B, who is mending his back. Be well, B! With them in the studio are three coordinators of the freshly selected Town Development Council L’Avenir D’Auroville: Abha P (communication and consultation coordinator), Nicole (socio-economic planning coordinator) and Sauro (overall coordination). The conversation zoomed in on the challenge of mobility – a topic central to the overarching theme of how to best manifest the city the earth needs.

Ideas galore: from a fleet of electrical buses to electric trams to a motor free city center with a public cycle sharing system, all seems possible. Remains but one question: where to start and do we as Aurovilians need to take more individual responsibility to live the change we want to see?