Photographer:emergencemusic | Lively Up Your Earth
27 Jan / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Ecology and Music

On Saturday the first of the kind eco-music festival “lively Up Your Earth will happen at Solitude Farm with lots of good music, eco products from Auroville, workshops, theater plays, good ecological, and also raw food….throughout that day most of our taste buds should be satisfied. Otherwise city offers for the weekend, as usual, bunch of good movies at Cinema Paradiso in Town Hall, at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium in the Pavilion of Indian Culture, at Eco Film Club at Sadhana Forest, at Cine Club, and on Saturday at Visitor’s Centre Video Room will be The Ramayana, a multi media presentation by Rajiv Chanchani.

Find the guide secret within you or housed in an earthly body, hearken to his voice and follow always the way that he points. At the end is the Light that fails not, the Truth that deceives not, the Power that neither strays nor stumbles, the wide freedom, the ineffable Beatitude.Sri Aurobindo