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Engineering Help for l`Avenir

Bridget of lAvenir explains in an interview with Miriam a positive forward step related to the art of building; graduate engineers to join the lAvenir team. The Gods will awaken on 15 January, Pongal. That means village temples switch on their funnel type loud speakers early morning until 8 pm. Shankar of Last School campus reminds us to respect the sacred beliefs of our neighbours and, to be ready with ear plugs! Sadhana Forest celebrates its 8th birthday Friday December 23rd… everyone is welcome to join in an all-day festival.

Sometimes the fault you see in another isnt even there. Its a total misinterpretation, a projection by a mind conditioned to see enemies and to make itself right or superior. At other times, the fault may be there, but by focusing on it, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else, you amplify it. And what you react to in another, you strengthen it in yourself. – Eckhart Tolle; A New Earth.