Photographer:Emma | Shambo Photographer:Emma | Instructing students in a backward bending pose Photographer:Emma | Smiling Shambo Photographer:Emma | Always open for discussion-talking with students after class Photographer:Emma | Students doing the shoulder stand, with feet behind the head
23 Feb / 2011Program by:

Everything Is Yoga

In this interview we meet Shambo, a practitioner of Sivanandra and Kriya yoga, who is also an instructor here in Auroville. He shares his insights on living in the world today, and his hopes for the transformation of the future. “It is possible he says for the world to reach this higher consciousness. We talk about yoga and how it is a part of every waking moment of his life. He’s a great example of how yoga can transform your life into something more, something that is not just limited to this lifetime.

Yoga is not just a physical workout you can do for a few hours and walk away from, but if done with the right intention can become a lifestyle that will help you to live a better life. His benefits from yoga are evident in his calm demeanor, and I have personally benefited from his challenging and rewarding classes that I take 4 days a week. His name-Shambo-he has had since 2007, and it means bringer of love and peace-an appropriate name given to him by nine swami in a beautiful ceremony at his yoga center.