Photographer:Marlenka | Paul
12 Jun / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Fires Around Auroville

Featured interview: Paul of Botanical Garden, perhaps best known as part of the Johnny-Paul-Wazo team who, not often enough, beguile us with pithy portrayals and anecdotes on current happenings in Auroville. Paul offers enlightenment on the topic of fire in and around Auroville. General Meeting: to hear from the outgoing l’Avenir team their challenges, to participate in discussion on planning policies for Auroville’s future, to ask questions and interact on the theme of planning the city. Tomorrow Wednesday 13 June 4:30 pm, Unity Pavilion.

In truth, the only thing that is truly tragic is not to become conscious of ones soul, the psychic being, and not to be entirely guided by it in ones life…to die before having found ones soul and lived according to its law, that is the true failure….the true glory? To find the Divine in oneself, and to live according to His law. -the Mother