Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Frederick and Renu
25 Nov / 2014Program by:
Featured: FrederickLanguage: French

Frederick recalling Kireet’s call

Kireet Joshi had Auroville’s collective destiny in his heart, mind and work. Frederick recalls these principals and shares them as a renewal in our collective direction and his experience of the possibilities open to us to explore and find.
Dr. Kireet Joshi was head of the Ashram Center of Education and was instrumental in creating the legal structure for Auroville.



  • Naveen Kapur

    stranger than fiction…’collective destiny of AV’…what in dickens does this mean?!?!?

  • Ashwin Nagpal

    Really happy to hear this touching account of Kireet by frederick. Kireet touched so many lives. I really miss him in his “immaculate white raymonds suit” 🙂 and his lovely smile. Although, I know he’s always there in our hearts and minds guiding us along…. thanks Frederick and Renu for sharing this!
    Mumbai, India