Photographer:Kalsang | Dr Tsewang Tamdin (right), Claude Arpi Photographer:Kalsang | Dr Tsewang Tamdin (right), Claude Arpi Photographer:Kalsang | Message read from Director of TMAI Photographer:Kalsang | Commemorations Photographer:Kalsang | Commemorations Photographer:Gabriel | Exhibit of Tibetan Medicine
04 Nov / 2018Program by:

Dr Tsewan Tamdin on Tibetan Medicine and the astro-sciences

Dr Tamdin spoke openly on healing in the West, with introduction to the medicine of Tibet and its integration of astro-science.

Further, the audience were imparted notably down-to-earth advice towards a fuller wellbeing, a message that shone through the talk.

The talk was introduced by Claude Arpi who is shown a token of appreciation, along with Khalsang, who helped curate the event.

An accompanying representative of the Doctor read a message from the director of TMAI, who wasn’t able to travel.

The Tibetan Medicine & Astrology Council how has 55 branches and is growing, having recently gained further appreciation from the Government of India.

Many thanks to Kalsang for accompanying pictures.

Outline of content:

00’00 Introduction by Claude Arpi
06’44 Message from Director
08’57 Commemorations
09’58Start of talk, Dr Tamdin
1’14’51 Afterword by Claude Arpi