Photographer:mari | Gijs
25 Jan / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Fresh air to AurovilleRadio

From the Republic day we are starting one more AurovilleNews. Today, we have an interview with Gijs, a volunteer from Holland that has decided to spend his time in Auroville getting involved with the community and its projects, in his case Buddha Garden and AurovilleRadio. Gijs shares with us a bit of his story and perspective for his visit in Auroville. In the announcements we have two important information from L’Avenir: the new road between Arka and Surrender is going to start to be built and they have purchase a Survey Monkey tool to the community. And as today is Republic Day a few services are closed! Check the news to know each one.

The Infinite defines itself in the finite, the finite conceives itself in the Infinite. Each is necessary to the other’s complete joy of being. Sri Aurobindo