Photographer:Marlenka | B and Luigi
21 Aug / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Green City in the Making

Today’s news features an introduction to the third interchange between pioneer Aurovilians B and Luigi on the topic of building the city, a green city, a dialogue that began at the beginning of this month and will continue on a weekly basis for some time. Check on the webpage to hear their entire dialogue of today, enlivened with friendly sparring. For more enlightenment on the timely subject of the building of the city of Auroville, the Auroville Master Plan can be found at

When one is assailed by the vision of this disorder and this confusion, there is only one thing to do, its to go into the consciousness in which one knows that there is only ONE Being, ONE Consciousness, ONE Power, ONE Oneness, and all those things take place within this Oneness. All our petty vision, our petty knowledge, our petty judgments, all of it is nothing, its microscopic in comparison with the Consciousness that rules over the Whole. And then, if one has in the least the sense of why separate individualities exist, maybe its only to enable aspiration the existence of aspiration, of this movement, this movement of self-giving and surrender, of trust and FAITH. The faith that there lies the raison dtre of the makeup of individuals, and the aspiration to become THAT in all ones intensity and all ones sincerity Thats the only thing needed, the ONLY thing; all the rest is phantasmagoria. Mother’s Agenda, 16.Aug.1969