Photographer: | Giovanna
29 Apr / 2008Program by:
Language: English

Hot & Humid

Weather:’ Hot & Humid with temperatures soaring 34 centigrade feeling 40 due to over 70% humidity.Auroville had a visit from the official representative of Campinas, a city in south east Brazil with whom it shares is a twinship with exchanges in cultural, social, technological and economic affairs.To know more about the projects developed together contact Giovana at secretaria.cointer(AT) or in the picture.

Integrated Animal Care with Dr. Kumar have been working since two and half years on controlling local street dog and cat population, reducing rabies and improving environmental hygiene with hundreds of sterilizations, euthansias and vaccinations. Perumal long time Aurovilian who suffered a stroke last week is slowing recovering at Apollo hospital.Martanda is coordinating visits and all other communications.