Photographer:Eric | Plans for the housing project Photographer:Eric | Flag marking part of the land Photographer:Eric | Taking measurement of part of the land Photographer:Eric | Manu's discussion about the plans for project Photographer:Eric | Discussion about the strip of land that had been claimed by the local person Photographer:Eric | Picture of the road next to the land Photographer:Eric | Measurement of the land inside the cashew trees
17 Jun / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Housing Available

Transit lounge is a new temporary housing project for newcomers and Aurovillians who are forced to house sit and move from place to place looking for accommodation facilities,thus this project will fulfill their housing needs. This consists of basic dis-mountable houses which will be made from natural materials obtained from local villages environment with compost toilets. However, the houses will cost around a lakh or two,which may be affordable to everyone. In this case the housing problem in Auroville will be solved. “I call upon newcomers and Aurovillians to participate in this enthusiastic project,” says Manu. Apparently it is expected that about 30 houses will be built just for the start and more in the future, though there hasn’t been much response from both newcomers and Aurovilians.