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19 Mar / 2017Program by:
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How can we restructure the TDC ?

Presentation by the core group, selected to come up with ‘Terms of Reference’ which will further enable the Auroville Council, and the community on the whole in fulfilling this daunting task of re-structuring the Town Planning & Development Council (TDC). Last year, the Auroville council was asked to facilitate a process to restructure the TDC, the core group working on this comprised of Martin, Sauro, Pashi, Shama, Suhasini, Mamta, Elvira, Lionel and Christiane. The presentation was fully loaded with useful content and consist of guidelines through which restructuring of TDC could be accomplished. The depth of the content and the importance of this procedure saw the meeting going into overtime with only a few people ready to leave this discussion midway. A lot of healthy debate and constructive insights were offered by the members of the community attending the presentation. The group had invited a special artist to create infographics ( to help break down the heavy content and had created many posters and charts to help envision the key points in reference and the overall presentation was concise. But a point noted by Sauro was, “in the meeting too much time was used in discussing the organization and selection process rather than the content” but maybe that underscores the people’s intimate involvement and keen sense for details for restructuring of one of our most important working group, which will directly be responsible in shaping our future in Auroville.

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  • vikas

    Nothing that I have seen coming from this meeting actually tells us anything much