Photographer:Clara | Helena and Bogi - and invitiation to tomorrow's Hungarian Day at UP Photographer:Clara | Jerry Photographer:Clara | ROCK LOVE at Visitor Centre on Saturday from 7pm onward Photographer:Clara | Z Day - Sunday at Unity Pavilion in International Zone
14 Mar / 2013Program by:
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Hungarian Day, Z Day, ROCK LOVE

In today’s news we featured Bogi from Hungarian Pavilion inviting the community to a Hungarian Day tomorrow from 5.30pm onward at Unity PAvilion in International Zone. Z Day will join the global event on Sunday, also at Unity Pavilion, and Jerry is talking about it. RAS shares with the community that decision making process on UNESCO World Heritage is postponed for a month due to the expressed need for more information by residents. General Meeting called by a group of residents to discuss the impasse in which the Working Committee finds itself

In the psychic transformation there are three main elements: (1) the opening of the occult inner mind, inner vital, inner physical, so that one becomes aware of all that lies behind the surface mind, life and body – (2) the opening of the psychic being or soul by which it comes forward and governs the mind, life and body turning all to the Divine (3) the opening of the whole lower being to the spiritual truth this last may be called the psycho-spiritual part of the change.Sri Aurobindo