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25 Mar / 2013Program by:
Language: English

Indian Vocals, French Literature

Tonight at 7.30pma at Pitanga an Indian Classical Vocal Concert – Moods of Kalyaan.Also at 7:30 pm but in Pondicherry within Bonjour India 2013 events French Alliance presents Long Night of French Literature at Maison Colombani. On Saturday at 8pm at Visitor Centre The German Pavilion presents EACH ONE TEACH ONE and the 5 ELEFANTS , which will be Breakdance and rap music for peace – Indo-German fusion.Under the auspices of the Tamil Heritage Centre and the Arulvazhi Training Centre, a workshop “ALL LIFE IS YOGA” on 29th, 30th of March

Concentrate in the heart. Enter into it; go within and deep and far, as far as you can. Gather all the strings of your consciousness that are spread abroad, roll them up and take a plunge and sink down.A fire is burning there, in the deep quietude of the heart.It is the divinity in you- your true being. Hear its voice, follow its dictates.
The Mother