Photographer:Jorren | Laughter Yoga Session at Deepanam School Photographer:Jorren | Guided Visualization during Laughter Yoga Sessions Photographer:Jorren | Devi and Bhavya discussing Laughter Yoga Photographer:Jorren | A Parent who joined in the Laughter Yoga session at the school Photographer:Jorren | Some children who did not feel like joining in the concentration Photographer:Jorren | Falguni, teacher at Deepanam School
10 Mar / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Is It Okay for Kids to Laugh? – 2

Part two of our documentary where we explore the possibilities of introducing Laughter Yoga in schools as part of the daily routine. Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers and Leaders from Canada, Fif & Hamish, have used laughter as a therapy for children. But now, they are doing an experiment of doing Laughter Yoga with about 60 children every day for 4 days at Deepanam School. Would the kids like it? Would the parents and teachers agree on the benefits? Do we even think that it is okay for kids to laugh? Let’s find out!