Photographer:Amal Ali | Joel and Kees perform Photographer:Amal Ali | Sacred Groves, lit with oil lamps Photographer:Amal Ali | Enrico Cornuda of London's Minesweeper Collective paints Photographer:Amal Ali | Cornuda's finished work was a depiction of the musicians... Photographer:Amal Ali | ...photographs of the finished piece on Sacred Groves blog Photographer:Amal Ali | Sacred Groves constructed a platform especially for the occasion Photographer:Amal Ali | The audience observes both artist and musicians
27 Jan / 2015Program by:

Joel & Kees @ Sacred Groves

Heralding the return of Open Day at Sacred Groves, Joel Eisenkramer and Kees van Boxtel present a one-off live performance of North Indian Fusion.
Incorporating van Boxtel’s Bansuri flute and Eisenkramer’s Indian slide guitar, the two extensively improvise on a number of different musical themes. The performance was accompanied by a show of live painting by Enrico Cornuda of the Minesweeper Collective, which added to the unplugged concert’s serene atmosphere.

Minesweeper Collective:

Sacred Groves:


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