Photographer:Lauren Howland | LEC Sign Photographer:Lauren Howland | All Girls Photographer:Lauren Howland | Indirani Photographer:Lauren Howland | Saranya Photographer:Lauren Howland | Shanthi Photographer:Lauren Howland | Kalpana Photographer:Sajju | Gathering at the Tibetan Pavillion
15 Oct / 2010Program by:

Life Education Center

The Life Education Center, an outreach unit that works to provide mentoring and technical skills to young village women. LEC is described from multi – generational perspectives. Zerina, a long time teacher and mentor at the center describes the evolution and discovery of the center’s mission to provide emotional support and basic trade skills, along with her own memories of working to mentor girls. Indirani, an Auroville Newcomer who received training at LEC, and then returned as a mentor speaks about her journey to become an Aurovilian, and gives a unique perspective on the Auroville community and entry process. Saranya, a current LEC student shares a few words about the LEC’s role in her life.


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