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Photographer: | Number of Nationalities 99-2014 Photographer: | Six major nationalities growth Photographer: | General evolution of population Photographer: | Evolution of the next six nationalities Photographer: | Catagory of age 2010and 2014 Photographer: | By seniority Photographer: | Status of Aurovilians

Lionel explains graphs in English

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Social Anthropologist Lionel Scheepmans worked on creating data for survey based on Aurovlle’s population which can be used according to the needs.
Here he explains some of the graphs in English.
More information on the work is available at the Wiki link provided.

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mario Feb 04, 2015 Reply

it will be interesting to know the graphic, from witch state of India the Indian come from

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30 Jan / 2015

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Number of Nationalities 99-2014
Six major nationalities growth
General evolution of population
Evolution of the next six nationalities
Catagory of age 2010and 2014
By seniority
Status of Aurovilians