Photographer:Zarin | Music Ashram - Art Collective from Berlin Photographer:Zarin | warm LED lgihts gave speciifc atmopshere Photographer:Zarin | audience  swaying on rhythm
13 Jan / 2019Program by:
Featured: Music AshramLanguage: English

Lively Up Your Earth – Music Ashram

For the end of the evening , and long in night at Lively up Your Earth, eco-music festival at Solitude, art collective Music Ashram from Berlin offered their unique musical performance.
Music Ashram as art collective have over 20 people participating, and each piece is a pure improvisation in music. Playing with exploration on different, and sometimes unusual instruments on given beat, along with vocals, each song exploring the theme in length . At times inspired musicians from the audience (among them also our own Karthick) joined them.
Following is a short excerpt of their long hours performance.
Dreamy setting with warm colors LED lights, decorations and costume made by the art collective. Amazingly arranged sound by Tilman.


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  • very lovely recording, we enjoyed very much our days in Auroville.
    You find us on Soundcloud, Instagram and Youtube.
    All love enjoy the recording when you listen. MusicAshram