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17 Aug / 2011Program by:
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Mahalakshmi Park

L’AVenir d"Auroville / Town Development Council invites us At Town Hall Conference Room tomorrow, Thursday 18th at 4pm where will be a presentation of Mahalakshmi Park. The concept was created by three interns from the National School of Landscaping of Versailles, France. Adrien, Elsa and Sophie have been working with TDC/ Avenir and Road Service and Marie since June on a design for the Mahalakshmi Park which will stretch from SK to Arka area. At Svedame Hibiscus Art Village Project invites us on Saturday to the music concert of Yemadas.

The soul is that which comes out of the Divine without ever leaving Him and goes back to Him without ever ceasing from manifestation. The Words of The Mother , Vol. 14