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25 Feb / 2011Program by:

Mutation as a Hope

Dr. Christopher Macann talk at Mutation II …A Clearing in a short time brought up few premises, on which he compared the origins and solutions with very positive attitude out of his philosophical research and premisses. Do we have time for self-transformation? He sees mutation as our best hope for the peaceful solution of the problems we confront. Although the history showed us that we – humans learn from our mistakes. We pay for the development of consciousness by the loss of our being relation. How we can overcome this dilemma or predicament? Sri Aurobindo solution was Supramental descent. Because spirit is involved in the matter form the very first, spirit is capable evolving out of matter through the stages (vital, mental, supramental). Those beings that reach the high point of human consciousness become capable to open themselves to something above the human sphere(absolute), which can then let this energy to percolate down into us and permeate through us; that way mutation is going to be a collective process.

Dr. Christopher Macann has studied philosophy at major universities in Europe and has taught for two decades in American universities.He has published several original works on Phenomenology – and has felt inspired by the work of Sri Aurobindo, which he came to know as a young scholar at the Sorbonne. He is bringing his latest work in four volumes, ” Being and Becoming as a gift to Auroville.