Photographer:Auroville Planning Office | A generated image of Matrimandir, the surrounding lake and proposed landscape of Auroville.
21 Oct / 2011Program by:
Language: English

New Water Policy?

Taking into account the regional context, the current choice that has supported the development of Auroville up till now (that is to tap 100% of the water from the aquifers), can no longer guarantee the water-security nor expected future developments. The preliminary study shows that Auroville must diversify the sources of water supply. Among the possible resources, rain water and its management in the form of surface water seems to be one of the most promising. Click here to download the pdf of the presentation.

In this perspective, the Matrimandir Lake finds its raison detre and it becomes the centrepiece of a surface water system that will shape the city and bring beauty to it. The Water Cell is a group of specialists and people motivated by the issue of water, working in the field, who meet, work and exchange information to help clarify the choices for l’Avenir d’Auroville – TDC. It includes Christian T., Gilles B., Gilles G., Ellen, Kireet, Maurice, Luca, Tency, Toby, Toine and others.