Photographer: | Frangipane
09 Aug / 2007Program by:
Language: English

News second birthday

It was on 10 August 2005 that a very small beginning took place, in a very small space, with a bare minimum of equipment and a few dedicated people determined to create community radio in Auroville.And with the Grace of the Divine and long hours of hard work, they succeeded. ‘Today AurovilleRadio has hugely progressed although the studio space, shortage of equipment and personnel continues to be lacking.’ However, more than 8,000 people tune in monthly worldwide to a variety of programs, interviews, music and news in English, Tamil, French, and Spanish.

Initiative and goodwill are in abundance as well as ideas for growth and expansion.’ It is with joy and gratitude that AurovilleRadio News marks its second birthday! The interview of this issue was created and executed by Ashwin, Vinay and a few other’ teenagers studying at Future School, after an initial course in radio with a minimum of theory and an emphasis on hands-on technique. Dehashakti sports is the subject of this interview, in which some of the students give voice to their experiences, Yves explains the importance of all-round training of the body and music is artfully woven throughout all.