Photographer: | Mirra Women's Group - Photo by Doru Photographer: | Mirra Women's Group - Photo by Doru
03 Oct / 2009Program by:

Oh what a night

Last full moon on Saturday night was more in the spirit of cultural events than regular parties, although also the latest weren’t missed. Bharat Nivas was witnessing the annual Mirra Women’s Group performance. Mirra Womens Group are not only gathering women for different helping needs and supports, but also are very much active on the field of artistic expressions. From musical recitals, singing we slowly came to the most explosive part of that night – to some south Indian folk dances. Audience was supportive all the way with it constant hum in the background, but when girls started to dance, we heard a real excitement amongst the crowd. Don’t dare to doubt that some of them joined garba dance afterward in nearby Sawchu.


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