Photographer: | 2010 Light Mandala at Tibetan Pavilion. Photo by Giorgio
31 Dec / 2009Program by:


New Year’s Eve… throat singing of Tibetan monks… 2010 candle lights… words of wisdom of Dalai Lama… yes, in Auroville is hard to imagine for that night not to go to Tibetan pavilion, where’s every year tradition of lighting tea candles, as many as the coming year counts. It is a perfect time to sit down, reflect to the past year, and maybe set up hopes and wishes for the next one. Candles, many time arranged in beautiful mandalas, peaceful tranquility… and you know that everything is just right, the way it is… ohm mani pedme hum… let the peace prevail on this planet, starting with each one of us… ohm mani pedme hum….