Photographer:Julie | Zerina explained about the situation of these young girls. Photographer:Julie | Harini and some girls of Life Education Center. Photographer:Julie | Some girls have special needs. Photographer:Julie | Mime show of Drupad. Photographer:Julie | Krupa teaches art therapy to the girls. Photographer:Julie | Mime is a good way to express yourself.
23 Mar / 2013Program by:
Language: English

Open day in Life Education Center

Life Education Center (LEC), located in Kottakarai, it’s a personal growth center for young Tamil women from the villages around. Created in 1991, it gives them the opportunity to learn English and many other skills like tailoring and be aware of their body and to feel worthy as a women. Last Saturday was the open day at LEC. Many girls were there, dressing their most beautiful sari, surrounded by their teachers. During this event, Zerina, Harini, Bhuvana Sundari, Krupa, Devi, Susmita and the mime Drupad explained their own experiences at LEC.


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