Photographer:Anastasiya/Miriam | Nicola from France singing Happy Bee song Photographer:Anastasiya/Miriam | Annette from Germany Photographer:Anastasiya/Miriam | Tamil song Photographer:Anastasiya/Miriam | Pavitra with his cello Photographer:Anastasiya/Miriam | Tango Photographer:Anastasiya/Miriam | The Open Stage
21 Jan / 2011Program by:

Open Stage Cabaret

After over one year stage in Kalabhumi came to live again…Time frame of three hours was too short for all those who wanted to share with audience all their talents. Diversity of performers was so disperse that we saw, all in the humorous tone of everlasting MC Jesse, from tango, belly, samba to Odissi dance, we heard jokes, humble bee song, Rumi poetry accompanied by lyra, Annette playing guitar, Tamil singer, we saw mime with classical duo of juggler and bass player, resurrection of Michael Jackson …to grand finale of fire jugglers, who set us all on fire with wanting more…