Photographer:Gino | Antoine invetes people from the audience to join in Photographer:Gino | Antoine directing the choir Photographer:Gino | Yam playing One Day by, Matisyahu Photographer:Gino | Poetry reading and Meditation Photographer:Gino | People meditating while sounds were played in the room Photographer:Gino | People maditating Photographer:Gino | Meditation at Unity Pavilion as the sun sets

Peace Day Celebration at Unity Pavilion (from 5 pm to 6 pm)

The second half of the Peace Day celebration at Unity Pavilion (at 5 pm) was opened by the Auroville Harmonies, the women choir led by Antoine Colombani. After three pieces the choir director invited members of the audience to participate.
Antoine started an acapella group about three years ago, but unfortunately he could not find enough men to join, so he formed a women choir instead. Antoine believes everybody can sing, and singing together is like working together where we support one another. The songs he chooses are from different countries

Then Yam, a young boy of 15 years of age, went on stage with his guitar and played a peace song called One Day, by Matisyahu.
Yam writes his own poems and sometimes improvises his own lyrics as he plays guitar.

We all then gathered in a meditation room where poems from different languages (Dutch, Russian, Japanese, French, Hindi, Tamil) on the theme of Peace where read.
People sat in silence as some sounds were played around the room. The instruments used were from Svaram.